With 20+ Years in Karting, Andy Seesemann’s knowledge is hard to beat in store or at the track.

FTK is a TAG Engine aficionado as well as the west coast’s leading Arrow Karts distributor. We specialize in new and used race-ready karts, engine building and fantastic customer support.

FTK is a specialist at rebuilding, maintaining, and blueprinting TAG Engines

  • New Arrow & Birel Kart Sales
  • Used Kart Sales
  • ROK Service Center
  • Arrive and Drive
  • Racekart Setup
  • Digital Scaling
  • Laser Alignment
  • Chassis Set-up/Repair
  • Driver Training Track Days
  • Engine Service and Rebuild
  • Tire Mounting
  • Carb Blueprinting
  • Seat Installs
  • Routine Kart Maintenance
  • Parts for Many Brands of Karts
  • Trackside Support
  • Race Team